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Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris (Say No To Drugs)

Good afternoon.
First, I would like say thank to the God because of Him I could join this studying. Second, I would like say to thank to the teacher and my friends who has given me opportunity to deliver an English speech on front of you all.
            Brothers and Sisters
            In Indonesia, there are many a drugs addict, because our law very weak. In Indonesia, the drugs dealer from other countries can concerning with Indonesia people and get a big advantages. A drug abuse of course can bring the large damage and good efficiently. The damage like attitude dangers, healthy trouble, descending of work quality, criminality, and other hardness action.
            We can avoid a drug abuse with some program like social order, don’t associate with drug dealer or drug user, don’t easy to influence to use the drugs. Usually, many of a drugs user is teenager and young generation.
            School give some information to students too about danger and damage of drugs abuse via illuminate teacher, discussion with students in planning for intervention and avoid the drug abuse in school. Other important programs is guard of drugs with identity a characteristic of student, who use the drugs, from foreign people or dealer arrange the student raid.
            Usually, the dealer or user in school has understand our school programs for avoid the dealer or user, they anticipation with good plan of course. But, they as smart as us, like a squirrel go to jump, but in the end the squirrel will be fall. Good way to avoid the school detection them authority indeed. But, remember the abuse will be smelled.
            So let’s avoid and distance the drugs abuse and join for stop this bad habit. Thus end my speech and I’m so sorry if I make a faults, in my speech. Thank for your attention and good afternoon.   


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